About us

We make complex matters in the drilling process simple by providing real-time access to all data available. We manage this through PowerLife, a software tool that brings all the silo-based information together, giving us accurate guiding and information in our entire work process.


We hold a solid knowledge and experience from hands-on drilling operations around the world.  

Make Complex Matters Simple

Our vision is to make complex matters simple. We harvest the real value of IoT and digitalization with an end-to-end business process, involving people, business units and expert tools. We believe that complex decision making should be made easy and that correct decisions made at the right time based on correct and relevant data should be self-evident.

Our mission is to empower people to make correct decisions. We believe in empowering people to make a difference for a sustainable future. We will challenge status quo processes and underleveraged technology, bring down silos and deliver predictable and repeatable performance.  


Our Name is Our Value



We challenge status quo processes and underleveraged technlology



We stand up for our beliefs and keep our promises



We shall exceed our own, partners and customers expectations



We shall be open, transparent and honest