Mims Well offers a variety of consultancy services. Our consultants have long experience within their respective fields from the industry. We deliver experience from the rigfloor to C-level executives in our services.


Engineer it

Increase your well engineering efficiency by 70% with the use of optimized data for process modelling, instant verification and rapid development methodology.


Our approach to well engineering is designed to improve engineering efficiency and quality. This is achieved by a collaborative work process combined with a superior simulation tool. The main focus is to test and verify engineering data instantly – promoting continued team progress.

well engineering services


Experienced people, slim and efficient organization, correct mindset and willingness, creativity.


Gather, qualify and structure common data, information and logs.


Software tools, infrastructure, guidelines, governance and change management.

Mims Well Engineering
Reduced engineering time, cost reduction, increased performance and safety.



The engineering team remains unchanged, but will have an added capability to structure the workflow, set tangible parameters as a base for success, organize information structure, where members are made accountable within the team with deciding empowerment.


  • Flow Model - Dynamic Hydraulics and Temperature

  • ECD/Pressure and Temperature Profiles

  • Well Control Evaluation and Optimization

  • Kick Tolerance

  • Torque & Drag Planning Evaluation

  • Well Positioning Planning

  • ROP and WOB Optimization

  • Pore Pressure

  • Wellbore Stability


  • Increased Drilling Productivity

  • Improved Well Planning Accuracy

  • Reduced Drilling Risks and Uncertainty

  • Improved Drilling Safety

  • Quick Well Planning

Make the Invisible


real time drilling operations advisory

With Real Time visibility of the invisible, dynamic calculation and accurate control of formation and wellbore pressures, our clients are able to use a proactive decision approach leading to significantly improve drilling efficiency, reduce cost and minimize NPT.

Our drilling advisory services utilizes a technique applied during drilling campaign in order to visualize, interpret, calculate and compare real-time data from the rig.


The data is used to verify drilling data and identifying deviating trends before a critical situation emerges, allowing our clients to shift the drilling process from a reactive to a proactive decision making.

All this is achieved by a superior software solution paired with our unique methodology, using real-time data to extrapolate progress ahead in time. Resulting in reduced NPT related to downhole conditions and proactive work process.

Well Control Training

operational and technical​ excellence

All our advanced courses are tailor made to meet the clients needs and can be well/field specific. The training can be in the form of theoretical classroom/seminar deliverance, simulator training or a combination of both.

Our instructors are highly experienced and has long experience from offshore drilling and engineering.

We can deliver high-end simulator and/or classroom training to our clients beyond IWCF/IADC standards on:

  • Dual Gradient Drilling – DGD

  • Extended Reach Drilling – ERD

  • Pressurized Mud Cap Drilling –PMCD

  • Deepwater Drilling Operations

  • Plug & Abandonment

  • Drilling Calculations

  • Well Control Equipment

  • Well Integrity

  • Advanced Well Control (Ballooning/Wellbore Breathing, High Intensity Kicks, Bullheading, Volumetric Kill, Stripping Operations, Handling of Losses, Stuck Pipe etc.)

  • High Pressure, High Temperature – HPHT

  • Managed Pressure Drilling – MPD

Our People

Our people have gained vital experience from drilling operations worldwide. Within our team, we provide experience ranging from the rig floor to C-level at IOC's.

Our team has held positions like:

  • Offshore Senior Driller

  • Directional Driller

  • Toolpusher

  • Drilling Supervisor

  • Operations Manager

  • Drilling Engineer

  • Drilling Superintendent

  • Drilling Manager

  • Chief Operating Officer, IOC

  • Global Optimization Manager, IOC

In addition, we have partnered up with world class key resources to complement our skill set, enabling us to support any EP company in every phase required.

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