Executive management

Our team consists of highly qualified people with competence in the field of oil & gas and drilling.  Our combined experience and expertise is unparalleled. We have extensive hands-on experience from drilling operations around the globe, and have been involved in several record-breaking events. We have also set multiple milestones as “the first ever”.

Management Team

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Just Sverre Wessel

Founder and CEO


Professional drilling experience gained over 20 years, including 7 years in management.


Skill sets include Drilling Engineering, RT data, HPHT, MPD, DGD PMCD and Project Management. Developed several procedures and techniques related to Well Control, optimization and performance enhancement.


Co-authored and presented several white papers around optimization of operations and validation of planned operations.

Mobile: +47 413 28 844 / +1 (281) 394 394-3343


E-mail: just.s.wessel@mims-well.com

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Chris Prusiecki



Professional drilling experience gained over 30 years, including 20 years in operations. 

Skill sets include Drilling Engineering, RT data, Venture Capital and Project Management. Experienced in improving performance delivery, new technology selection and implementation; risk management & mitigation, ROI and life-cycle management; culture change and new company start-up. Named on several patents.

Mobile: +1 (832) 498-5138

E-mail: chris.prusiecki@mims-well.com

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Tor Olav Schibevaag

Financial Advisor


Professional management experience gained over 18 years from multinational companies including B2B software. 

Skill set include Business development, financial planning & execution, change management, business process and goal orientation. 


Developed and implemented different IT systems based on ISO standards & IOT solutions for Oil and Energy supply chain.

Mobile: +47 915 99 307

E-mail: tor.olav.schibevaag@mims-well.com


Advisory Team

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Henrik Jelsa

CEO of Efab AS with over 20 year's experience in management and project management in connection with system entries from a number of industries and disciplines.


Previously worked as Business Area Manager for Bouvet ASA and Senior Project Manager for Lawson .


Advanced Information Technology – University of Agder.

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Per Bakseter

Executive Management Consulting and Chairman for Exprosoft, Billington Process Technology and more. More than 40 year's experience from executive and board positions from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, UK, Ireland, Germany, USA, Singapore and Malaysia.


Former CEO for Numascale, SVP & MD at TietoEnator and IT director of ABC bank.


Master in Computer Science from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

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Sigurd M. Paulsen

Advisor Venture Investments & Commercialization with more than 40 year's experience from managing positions.


Former Statoil Investment Director Technology Invest, Corporate Strategy within M&A and Investments, Oil trading function.


MSc in Finance from University of St. Gallen & American Business Law at University of California.

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Eirik Svangtun

Independent consultant & Efab Nestor with more than 40 year's experience in managing positions from Norway, US, UK, Azerbaijan, Venezuela and Angola.


Previously for Statoil as Leader in licenses in Norway and internationally within all phases of field development. Responsible for Management and Organization development of technical support functions in Petroleum Technology and Drilling & Well.


Senior positions from Reservoir Development, Petroleum Technology and Drilling & Well. Engineering positions from Process, Reservoir and Completion.