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The Well of Wisdom, Knowledge and Clarity


Once upon a time, there was a giant called Mímir. He lived far out in the mountains of Jotunheimen. If he had been given an English name, it would have been Mim.


Mim is the keeper of the Well of Knowledge and Wisdom. He is full of wisdom because he drinks water from the well every day. Mims’s well lays underneath the roots of the immense tree; Yggdrasil, an evergreen ash tree, reaching across the sky, spreading its branches out worldwide.


One day a very young man called Odin decides to search the mountains of Jotunheimen, to find the wisest of all creatures; Mim. Odin knows that a man with knowledge also will gain power. It does not help for Odin to threaten Mim. “Give me your eye, and then I will let you drink as much and as often as you would like,” says Mim. Odin really longs for more knowledge and wisdom. So, he rips out his right eye and lays down to drink from the well.


Mim knows whom he is dealing with. Odin is not a common man, he is the ruler of all gods, the most powerful god at all times.


From that day Mim makes a wise choice and becomes the counselor of Odin. Later, Mim gets beheaded, but there is no way Odin wants to lose such a valuable counselor. So, he takes the giant’s head, anoints it, and soaks it in the Well of Knowledge and Wisdom.


Odin is now able to continue to seek clarity in Mim’s advise, and to still receive his counseling - all the way till Ragnarok, the end of the world.

our name and logo

Our technology makes us the modern keeper of the Well of Knowledge and Wisdom. Our company Mims Well are for today, tomorrow and for the future; the Well of Knowledge, Wisdom and Clarity.

Our name, Mims Well derives from Old Norse Mythology, and from the name Mímir, or Mim. If you turn our logo to the right, you will see Odin’s eye. 

Odin sacrificed his eye to be able to drink from the Well of Knowledge and Wisdom to gain clarity.