Simplifying Decision Making in Drilling & Wells


predictable & repeatable performance

Mims Well has a solution that includes, sorts and risk weighting MILLIONS of data points into ONE actionable advice, provided to the decision makers in REAL TIME.

PowerLife is a unique software package with an integrated decision-making tool, that orchestrates, simulates and delivers weighted probability with visualized recommendation. We are combining and building on input from existing expert software, pulling in information from seismic earth- and reservoir models.

PowerLife optimizes the decision process from earth model to abandonment.

Powerlife combines:

Automated planning

Well engineering



Weighted probability

Visualized recommendation

PowerLife is an open architecture software integrating all well related data, seeking optimum solutions based on risk, cost, technical feasibility and margin of error. Through our advanced logic, it provides engineers and operations teams with advice in both engineering and well construction phases through a simple and user-friendly user interface.

PowerLife enforces parallel processes and rapid development methodology, in collaboration with predictive analytics and 3D visualizations, to increase efficiency and reduce time spent.  All to promote a fast-paced decision driven organization.

PowerLife marks a fundamental shift in the approach to drilling that allows for a more holistic view of operations and greater transparency regarding the impact of decisions across the value chain.


  • Bolt-on integration with Geology & Geophysicist software models

  • Automates repetitive and time-consuming engineering tasks

  • Quantifies unlimited data-sets in real-time to determine optimal solution based on risk, cost, technical feasibility and margin of error

  • Takes advantage of existing expert software

  • Modular and flexible design